Information Sweet Spots

There are over 170 million active websites. All competing with each other to attract visitors. Most of them publish content aimed at creating interest; content that may or may not be frequently updated or refreshed.

Technology is undergoing continuous change and evolution. Websites have plenty of new content to choose from with over 28,000 active peer-reviewed journals and upwards of 2.5 million new scientific papers published each year.

As websites compete for visitors they produce new and informative content, they copy each others' content, update it, improve upon it.

Is it any mystery, that search engine results do not always provide you with the best answers, the most accurate and up-to-date information; the latest and most recent, the novel and the unconventional?

Yet, somewhere on the web there is the best possible information and knowledge for every subject. Perhaps contained, collectively, in one or two hundred websites. If these websites could be brought together into one place, it would create an information sweet spot.

This is the aim of Wikitowns: create these information sweet spots in the form of categorised collections of curated web pages - using crowd-sourcing techniques and custom data mining tools, continuously refreshing and updating the selections.